Noja Cuisine

The NoJa Mediterrasian Cuisine


At NoJa we offer our services and products in accordance with the wishes of our customers' escalating standards that call for a new look, a flavorful, fresh and balanced menu, and finally, a new image aiming to convince patrons they are getting what they pay for and not more than they need. With this in mind, the menu at NoJa is an innovative blend of Mediterranean and Asian cooking methods, savory flavors and ingredients that we have termed Mediterrasian.

Mediterranean cuisine, characterized by its flexibility from many regional variations and ingredients, serves as the foundation. Aromatic and lightly prepared by quick frying, steaming and boiling, supplemented with delicate spices and seasonings, the Asian influence strikes a delicate balance between the two cuisines along with overlapping health benefits.

The menu at NoJa strives to be sustainable; an ecologically sound practice of using products and ingredients that does not deplete the natural system from which they are produced. The chef at NoJa, partnering with our purchasing agents, is increasingly reaching out past normal and mass distribution channels, looking for what is available in their local region from farmers, ranchers and fisheries. This allows us access to information such as type and variety of ingredients, way of growing and raising products, methods and time of harvest, slaughter or catching, and how items are packaged and delivered.

The menu is seasonal and changes four times a year, allowing passion and creative conceit to dominate in the kitchen to produce dishes that are ingredient and customer driven. Vegetables and starches are premeditated to accompany the lightly salt and pepper seasoned center of the plate items. Finally, sauces are made to order adding an extra layer of complexity and flavor to each created dish. Yet each ingredient's flavor is recognized separately by the individual diner. Rounding out the menu, our wine list offers selections perfectly paired to our dishes resulting in a multisensory dining experience.

For your further information and reference, we have provided links to various suppliers and sources we partner with.