5 Tips for a Romantic Dinner Date

The dinner date is a staple of romantic pastimes. If done wrong though it can seem stale and cliché. If you want to create a night to remember, don’t be scared to take the romantic dinner route for your sweetheart. Using what Hollywood and years of Hallmark commercials taught us to create a foundation, we can pull five tips for a romantic dinner date that will be special, memorable and perfect for you and your beau.

  1.   Make it Personal

This is the basis for every other tip. If you don’t make it personal, then everything will just appear standard and frankly boring. If it’s a first date, show your date something about yourself. If you’ve been together for a while, show your date that truly know them and bring in touches they’ll love.

  1.   Go Somewhere Special

Just because that new restaurant in town has candles on the table and mints on the plate doesn’t mean you have to eat there. Go somewhere that’s special to both of you; maybe it’s that average Mexican joint where you first met in high school or the pizza place two towns over you visited once and loved. If it’s a first date, take them somewhere that’s special to you and give them a glimpse into your life. You can visit the new restaurant for a birthday, celebration, etc. For a truly special romantic evening, the setting is much more important than the food.

  1.   Bring Flowers

Ok so this may seem like one of the clichéd things that were mentioned to avoid, but as long as you keep the first tip in mind, this will be a home run. Even if a girl says she doesn’t want flowers, she’s lying. Every girl wants them, even if she doesn’t like them, because it means you thought about her and wanted to bring something to simply say hello and get the night started. But you must be careful. Don’t just grab roses and think you’re golden. Take time to find out what her favorite flowers are (everyone has a favorite) and bring those. It will show you paid attention, remembered and then took time to find the perfect bouquet.

  1.   Mood Lighting

There’s some truth to the thought that everyone looks better in candlelight. There’s nothing more distinctively romantic then sitting across from someone in the flicker of a flame. Bring in candles or twinkle lights or just pick an open field for your picnic—or a post-dinner dessert picnic—where the stars are clearly visible. Whatever you do set the mood, and nothing is more romantic than candlelight.

  1.   Play Music
  2.    This goes together with the mood lighting. Music brings an extra element to the setting. As a bonus, it can help create a memory that will last for years. If the right song comes on while you’re lost in each other’s company, it can make an impact and become your song. Don’t be afraid to go old school either and create a playlist of the soundtrack of your relationship. It’s so cheesy that it’s cute.

A relationship is marked by moments. Follow these five tips for a romantic dinner date to create a night that can become one of those moments and memories.

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