Six Ways to Jazz Up Your Steak

At Noja, we truly want to offer a fine dining experience unlike any other. We go the extra mile with each meal that we prepare by adding unique flavors to jazz up ordinary cuisines. Our knowledge and experience have given us the ability to offer our guests’ decadent dining that keeps them coming back for […]

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Why Duck Should Become Your Next Poultry Staple

Delicious in flavor and high in nutrients, duck has proven to be the new standard in savory poultry options. What was once reserved for special occasions is quickly becoming a staple among those who enjoy dining out or at home. If you’ve chosen chicken as your main meal for years, it’s time to start thinking […]


The 411 on Burrata

Have you heard about Burrata cheese? If so, you may be wondering what it is and how you eat it. If you haven’t heard of Burrata, that’s okay too! Either way, we’re here to give you the 411 on this semi-soft cheese and answer any questions you may have about it. For starters, Burrata is […]


If You’re Not Eating Brussels Sprouts, You Should! Here’s Why This Hot Veggie Is On Trend Right Now

A cruciferous vegetable similar to cauliflower and kale, brussel sprouts often get a bad rep for their sulphuric taste and smell when overcooked. However, properly prepared brussel sprouts have a sweet, mild flavor and a handful of health benefits. Brussel sprouts are high in nutrients and low in calories. They contain many essential vitamins and […]

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The Importance of Sustainability In The Food Industry

You may be thinking what is sustainability and how does it affect the restaurant industry? Sustainability is the way people use resources without the resources running out. In simpler terms, it is reducing the waste of a product or implementing ways to help the environment. Why is sustainability important? We live in a world where […]


Taste the Farm to Table Difference

At NoJa, we take pride in providing diners with a unique Mediterrasian dining experience. Our menu is seasonal and we offer the freshest ingredients so they are at the peak of their flavor. Mediterrasian dining at NoJa offers the complete farm to table experience! Farm to table dining means we use local food that is […]