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It’s the meal we dream about the most — dessert. Whether your preferences lean sugary sweet or toward the savory dark, here at NoJa we have a little something for everyone. 

We are proud of the blend of Mediterr-Asian cuisines that our restaurant inspires. It’s what makes our entire menu unique, and what makes NoJa stand out from the rest of Mobile, Alabama’s, restaurants. After our guests enjoy their delicious NoJa dinner, we always recommend that they continue their night with one of our many desserts. Each one provides a decadent way to wrap up a perfect meal and offers another classic touch of the unique taste of NoJa, and we can’t wait to explain them in detail to you. 

Pot de Crème 

For the chocolate lover, there’s the pot de crème. This delightfully dark dessert features dark chocolate custard that’s topped with a caramelized brulee. We garnish it with fresh whipped cream, which adds a sweet touch to the bitter dark chocolate custard. 

Vanilla Crème Brulee

Another classic is our vanilla crème brulee. Made from vanilla bean custard, this is the traditional creme brulee that we have all come to know and love over the years. This dish will always impress whoever you’re with, and is the perfect portion size for two! 

Cheesecake Evolution

And if your sweet tooth keeps getting stronger the more you keep reading this, then you might just love our cheesecake evolution. This is a traditional classic cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, and a special garnish of seasonal berries. Cheesecake is a dessert classic for a good reason — it’s always delicious!

While the last three desserts we listed are classics with a NoJa twist, we also have a couple desserts that are special just to our restaurant. If you’re looking for a flavorful twist to end your meal with, look no further than these two delicious delicacies — after all, you won’t be able to find them anywhere else! 

Coconut Rum Bombè

Our coconut rum bombè will blow your mind. This coconut cake is layered with a vanilla pastry cream that will melt in your mouth the second your fork leaves the plate. And with dark rum drizzled all across, you’ll have an extra excuse to love this boozy-inspired treat. 

Ginger Donut

Finally there’s our ginger donut. This homemade ginger donut is drizzled with caramel sauce, and served with a side of vanilla bean or popcorn ice cream. This one is perfect for the fall, but frankly — we’ll eat it any time of year. 

Is your mouth watering yet? Is your stomach grumbling? We know ours are. These delicious desserts can only be found at NoJa in Mobile, Alabama, so it’s time to give us a call and reserve your spot at one of our tables! Our desserts are complemented by our historic and gorgeous architecture, and if you’re lucky you’ll even be able to enjoy your sweet treat while sitting on our vine-draped patio while drinking a glass (or two) of one of our specialty wines. Hope to see you soon!
It’s Noja’s attention to detail and our focus on farm-fresh ingredients that has allowed us to continue to serve this area for so long.

For an intimate meal in one of the Port City’s longest-running restaurants in Downtown Mobile, make a reservation to Noja. We have romantic indoor seating in a secluded area, just steps from Dauphin Street in LODA at 6 N. Jackson Street. To reserve a table now, call 251-433-0377. Learn more about our cuisine and offerings at or on our Facebook page.


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