Introducing NoJa's Seasonal Menu: Fresh and Exciting Flavors for Every Season

NoJa is excited to unveil our latest seasonal menu, marrying a mix of timeless classics with modern gastronomical twists. Celebrating fresh produce and creative culinary expertise, our new offerings are here to tantalize your tastebuds, each dish designed to create a memorable dining experience for our cherished patrons.

Begin your NoJa journey with our delectable starter options. Revel in the wholesome goodness of the Brussel Bowl, a hearty mix of green crunch and Teriyaki tang, embellished with peanuts and green onions. For soup lovers, our kitchen prepares a unique 'Tonight's Soup', made daily, to capture the essence of seasonal produce at its freshest.

An adventure in flavor awaits with our entrée selection, each accompanied by your choice of NoJa Potatoes or Fingerling Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts or Chef's Vegetable. Choose from our tantalizing Dill Marinated Tofu, cooked with chickpeas, olives and bell pepper for a wholesome vegetarian option. Alternatively, dive into the ocean's bounty with our Panko Crusted Fresh Fish, swathed in a savory Ginger-Miso Sauce. For meat lovers, our Lamb Chops, complemented by Mint, Pea Hummus and Red Wine Sauce, and 8 oz. Sous-Vide Hanger Steak, served with a luscious Goat Cheese and Red Wine Reduction, promise a gourmet indulgence.

NoJa's culinary expertise extends beyond main courses. The decadent Chicken Karaage comes drizzled with a unique Honey-Soy-Mayo Sauce that dances on your palate, while the Smoked Salmon, adorned with Burrata, Dill, Olives, Pecans and Lemon-Basil Oil, offers a delightful blend of smoky and citrus notes.

The salads are nothing short of an exquisite ensemble of flavors and textures. The Spinach Salad is a symphony of Applewood Smoked Bacon, Shallots, Blue Cheese and a tangy Bacon Vinaigrette. The Tomato / Burrata Salad is a delightful play of Local Tri-Colored Cherry Tomatoes, Creamy Burrata Cheese, Basil Oil and a rich Balsamic Reduction, a salad that truly sings of summer.

The seasonal menu at NoJa promises not only a meal but a celebration of fresh, exciting flavors every season. With a commitment to high-quality ingredients and innovative preparations, we continue to offer a dining experience that is as remarkable as it is varied. We warmly invite you to join us at NoJa in the heart of downtown Mobile, Alabama, where every bite is a fresh discovery. Bon Appétit!


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