Popular Dishes at NoJa

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you can find all your favorite dishes in a place that feels like home. That place happens to be here at NoJa! If you have never tried any of our popular dishes, we know a thing or two about excellent, farm-fresh cuisine that will have you running back for more.

Foie Gras

Start with a small plate of our decadent pan-roasted duck layered on top of a warm crostini. We make a balsamic reduction with seasonal fruit jam to complement this tender duck with every bite you take. Our guests love it, and so will you.

Scallops and Shrimp

The right amount of sweet scallops and wild-caught gulf shrimp is a must-try at NoJa. Seared with a marsala sauce and Parmesan grits, they’re pretty addicting for a small plate. We always have people ask for a second serving!

Kansas City Strip

Hungry with a big appetite? Our 16-ounce Kansas City Strip is dry-aged 45 days for ultimate texture and flavor in a red wine reduction. Farm fresh vegetables are added on the side along with our famous, melty and buttery NoJa potatoes.

Hanger Steak

Full of delicious flavor, our hanger steak is another go-to fan favorite. The red wine reduction is the secret sauce that makes everything that much more satisfying with our NoJa potatoes and local vegetables.

Bone-In Stuffed Pork Chop

Our best cut of Cheshire pork is stuffed with wild mushrooms and herbs, giving it a slight spice and aromatic flavor. Served with a side of heirloom fingerling potatoes and a fresh citrus glaze. This filling meal is popular at NoJa.

Skuna Bay Salmon

If you are feeling in the mood for seafood and love salmon, this dish was made for you. Flaky to the touch, our Skuna Bay salmon includes a fresh lemon caper sauce, sauteed peppers with spinach and a side of fingerling potatoes. Talk about a perfectly buttery and tasty mouthful.

Ginger Donut with Popcorn Ice Cream

A warm homemade baked donut meets ice cream for a dessert date. And not just any traditional donut or ice cream since we like to switch things up here at NoJa. Our donut has a fresh ginger flavor which is then lightly covered in sugar and drizzled with caramel sauce. Oh, and did we mention our ice cream comes with fresh popcorn?

NoJa is a Mediterranean-Asian restaurant in the heart of downtown Mobile with an ever-evolving menu. Call us at 251-433-0377 to make a reservation today then visit at 6 N. Jackson St., Mobile.


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