The Art of Cocktail Pairing: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cocktail for Your Meal at NoJa

Embarking on a culinary journey at NoJa involves more than savoring our chef's innovative creations. It's about the complete dining experience - and that includes the perfect cocktail pairing to enhance your chosen meal. Here's a guide on how to pair NoJa's exquisite dishes with our curated cocktails for an unforgettable dining experience.

1. Dill Marinated Tofu with Cucumber Martini

Our dill-marinated tofu, featuring chickpeas, olives and bell pepper, pairs beautifully with the refreshing Cucumber Martini. The gin or vodka, complemented by fresh lemon and muddled cucumbers, brings out the earthy undertones of the tofu while counterbalancing the robust flavors of the dish.

2. Lamb Chops with The Manhattan

The rich, succulent lamb chops, served with mint, pea hummus and red wine sauce, pair superbly with The Manhattan. This cocktail, featuring Devil's River Bourbon, bitters and sweet vermouth, complements the red wine sauce, enhancing the bold flavors of the dish.

3. Duck Breast with French75

The French75, a vibrant blend of Seagram's gin, lemon and sparkling wine, beautifully enhances our duck breast's rich and bold flavors. The cocktail's citrusy notes provide a refreshing contrast to the duck's savoriness, making it a winning combination.

4. Panko Crusted Fresh Fish with Tropical Martini

Our Panko Crusted Fresh Fish with a ginger-miso sauce finds its perfect match in the Tropical Martini. The cocktail's Malibu Coconut Rum, pineapple, orange juice and grenadine offer a sweet and tropical contrast to the savory fish, balancing the ginger-miso sauce's umami flavor.

5. Sous-Vide Hanger Steak with Old Fashioned

The robust flavors of our 8 oz. Sous-Vide Hanger Steak, served with goat cheese and red wine reduction, harmonizes beautifully with the timeless Old Fashioned. This cocktail, made with Devil's River Bourbon, bitters, orange, cherry and turbinado syrup, adds a layer of complexity to the meal, complimenting the steak's rich flavors.

6. Pan Seared Salmon with Paloma

Lastly, our Pan Seared Salmon, a crowd favorite, pairs delightfully with the Paloma cocktail. The Hornitos Tequila, grapefruit juice, lime and simple syrup in the Paloma create a citrusy, slightly bitter and refreshing profile that complements the salmon's distinct, rich flavor.

Every dish and cocktail at NoJa is crafted to impress and satisfy your palate. Our diverse menu offers an array of options, enabling you to create your perfect meal with the right cocktail to enhance the dining experience. But remember, while these are our recommendations, the best pairing is ultimately what you enjoy the most. Cheers to great food, superb cocktails and unforgettable dining experiences at NoJa!


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