The Benefits of MediterrAsian Food

One of the most popular questions we get from customers is: what is MediterrAsian food? Well, many of you have probably heard about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which is based on the traditional diets of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This diet is known to help you stay in shape and reduce your risk of illness, like heart disease, diabetes, and several forms of cancer. Asian diets are also very healthy and have several benefits, so we decided to combine them both to create the best of both worlds! 

As our chefs were creating the menu they wanted to create dishes that would be both delicious and nutritious, MediterrAsian dishes were brought into the discussion. Immediately, the idea caught our attention! MediterrAsian dishes are embraced by health experts. The dishes include healthy doses of polyphenols, which play fundamental roles in slowing aging, regulating blood sugars, reducing inflammation and boosting metabolism! This diet has been around for years and is slowly becoming more widely embraced. We have heard many success stories from guests who began the diet after eating at NoJa, and the diet has changed their lives! 

So, what is involved in the MediterrAsian diet? Well, step one is making plant foods the foundation of your meals and getting most of your fats from plant and fish oils. These include olive oil and peanut oil, which have been proven to lower cholesterol. From there, cut back on the amount of red meat you intake and replace it with shellfish and fish. Fish and shellfish are great sources of protein and essential vitamins, while red meat if eaten too often can boost your chances of heart disease. Sweet treats can be eaten occasionally, but mainly opt for fruits and nuts. Yogurt and cheese can be eaten regularly but in moderation, and the same goes with alcohol. Move naturally as you would in your everyday life, but set aside time every day to relax. These are key principles within the MediterrAsian diet and lifestyle. 

MediterrAsian food allows for a lovely blend of flavors we are glad to bring to Mobile! NoJa is able to create a variety of dishes and unique tastes while allowing customers to remain healthy. Our restaurant is truly unique through our dishes! Nowhere else in Mobile will you be able to find the level of excellence or the high-quality MediterrAsian food we offer. NoJa also offers our guests impeccable service, atmosphere and drinks for our guests to enjoy. 

Ready to take your taste buds to a whole new level? Come by and visit us to taste the MediterrAsian dishes that are spicing up Mobile! Call us at 251-433-0377 to make a reservation today then visit at 6 N. Jackson St.; Mobile, AL.


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