The History of MediterrAsian Food

The MediterrAsian diet has proven to be one of the hottest trends to promote healthy eating as it provides the best elements of traditional Mediterranean and Asian eating practices. The diet and recipes have inspired restaurants like NoJa to share these dishes with the world. But where did this diet originate? I bet you did not guess Australia. 

Trudy Thelander, a passionate home cook and native of Australia, developed the diet over a decade ago. Trudy was first introduced to authentic Asian cuisine by her sister-in-law and was left with a lifelong addiction to Asian food. When Trudy met her friend Ric, she was introduced to Mediterranean dishes as Ric’s Mediterranean diet helped him recover after a nearly fatal motorcycle accident. While cooking, Ric and Trudy bonded through pad Thai and paella. Inspired by one another, the pair based their own personal diets around traditional Mediterranean and Asian foods. These diets had such positive impacts on their health that they sought to share it with the world, officially creating MediterrAsian food. 

In 2013, German scientists from the University of Kiel found that the MediterrAsian diet is abundant in potent antioxidants, which slow cellular aging, reduce inflammation, and boost your metabolism. The scientists concluded that the MediterrAsian diet is promising in preventing chronic disease, ensuring good health and aging for your body. In 2016, the diet was proven to improve HDL cholesterol and reduce your risk for heart disease. Overall, the MediterrAsian diet has proven to be healthy with numerous benefits attached to it. 

NoJa is proud to serve MediterrAsian dishes as we fully support the MediterrAsian lifestyle and diet. With weekly menus, fresh ingredients, and a lively atmosphere, NoJa is a unique dining experience unlike any other along the Gulf Coast. Want more evidence that NoJa is out of this world? Household names including Robert De Niro, KJ Apa, and Vince Gill have visited the restaurant while filming in Mobile. NoJa is perfect for everyone as the food they serve is delicious, full of flavor and healthy in an environment that can’t be beaten. 

If you plan to dine at NoJa, please make a reservation as seating is limited and we cannot guarantee seating without a reservation. Call to schedule a reservation at 251-433-0377 to make a reservation, and check out our website to view our monthly menu!


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