What You Should Know About Cuvée Wines

For wine connoisseurs- and the occasional taster- the term “Cuvée” can be seen easily today. Nationwide, cuvée wines can be found in every price range. Today, we will tell what you should know about cuvée wines. At Noja, our goal is to expand your palette to a wide variety of wines and heighten the enjoyment found in a good wine.

What Does the Term Cuvée Mean?

The term cuvée means many different things depending upon the variety. Cuvée is a French term that, when referring to wine, means coming from a vat or tank.

Is Cuvée Wine of Higher Quality?

For some wine producers, the answer to this question is definitely yes. On wine labels of certain wine producers, especially in the Napa region, when you see cuvée on the label it denotes wine derived from vats of a higher quality than the winery’s standard vats. This can mean a distinct quality difference in flavor.

Is Cuvée Wine Pressed from Certain Grapes?

Certain regions of the country as well as abroad use the term cuvée to indicate a wine produced from a mixture of several grape varieties. Likewise, in the region of Champagne, the term cuvée is used to indicate to the buyer that this wine has been pressed from the best grapes available.

Does Cuvée Come in all Wine Blends?

Cuvée wines are certainly found in a broad spectrum. From red blends to white and blush blends to sparkling varieties.

What Occasions Call for Cuvée Wines?

Cuvée wines and sparkling wines are suited for any occasion. Of course, the variety of cuvée wine you choose depends upon your taste, the occasion and the tone you wish to set. But with such a wide variety of cuvée wines readily available, you are sure to find one that is a perfect match for your special night or evening out with friends.

Are Certain Pairings More Appropriate for Cuvée Wines?

Cuvée wine pairings run the gamut. Many cuvée wine red blends are perfectly paired with steaks of all varieties and cooking methods. With that, white cuvée wines pair well with seafood and pasta. Cuvée wines are a welcome change from other standard dessert wines as well when looking for something new.

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