Why Quality of Food Matters

Food is more than just taste and textures, it’s a form of art expressed through the talents and intuition of the chef and the senses of the consumer. At NoJa, we believe food should be fun and made with quality ingredients. We want you to reach the level of umami and know why the quality of food matters.

You’re aware of what you’re getting

From farm to table, we deliver fresh ingredients to serve you better. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting, and where it’s sourced from. We base our menu depending on what ingredients are in season so that you not only get the best quality at the peak of nature, but also get to enjoy the flavors to their fullest potential.

Good quality food equals good health

Most of us want to maintain good gut health while still getting satisfaction from the types of food we love. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and, at NoJa, we guarantee you will love our many dishes curated for good health that will meet all your cravings. The positive health benefits you receive from wholesome food is essential as it supports your immune system, nutritional value and minimizes the use of MSG.

It’s not about the quantity, but the quality

Most fast-food restaurants will serve you a large amount of food to distract the customer from the quality of food. At NoJa, we want you to come in hungry and leave full. Because the ingredients we use are full of proteins and nutrients, you will feel like you got the best of both worlds. You shouldn’t ever have to compromise from these two preferences. Instead, opt for quality food that is filling and made with ingredients you know.

It's better for the environment

Food that is locally grown tastes better because it is better. Local food requires less transportation and do not need to use factories that manufacture chemically produced products. Food that would otherwise not be preserved is prone to erosion and contributes towards climate change. That is why we support farmers: to lower the cost of organic trade and bring it right to your table. You can help the environment by choosing restaurants that have access to quality food. At Noja, we care about what goes into your food just as much as you do. NoJa is a Mediterranean-Asain restaurant in the heart of Downtown Mobile with an ever-evolving menu. Call us at 251-433-0377 to make a reservation today then visit us at 6 N. Jackson Street, Mobile.


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