An Unforgettable Evening at NoJa: Fall Edition

Dining out always promises the allure of an extraordinary experience, combining the warmth of atmosphere, the joy of companionship and the delight of exotic cuisine. NoJa, tucked away in the heart of downtown Mobile, AL, encapsulates this experience beautifully. As the weather turns cooler, NoJa welcomes autumn with a Fall menu that's an inventive blend of Mediterranean and Asian influences. Let this be your guide for crafting an exceptional evening at NoJa.

Reserve Your Spot for an Autumn Affair

NoJa is renowned for its culinary prowess, making reservations highly recommended. Whether you book online or over the phone, be sure to mention any dietary restrictions or preferences.

Warm-Up with Seasonal Crafted Cocktails

NoJa's Fall cocktail offerings capture the season's essence. Imagine sipping on a French Martini or an Old Fashioned as you settle into the evening.

Commence Your Culinary Autumn Journey

From the moment you unfurl NoJa's seasonal menu, you're on a journey of gastronomic exploration. Rely on the insights of your well-versed server to help guide you through the choices.

Delight in Fall-Inspired Small Plates

Start off with options like the Brussel Bowl or Tonight’s Soup, perfect for the autumn months. Or perhaps choose the Braised Pork Belly, which comes alive with pickled mustard seeds and carrot sauce. The Seared Scallops, enhanced with creamy carrot sauce and grits, add a southern comfort twist to a global delicacy.

Choose a Salad that Sings of Harvest

For salads, the Fall Salad is a must-try, featuring Baldwin County Lettuce, roasted pumpkin, goat cheese and more. The Spinach Salad offers a more traditional option, adorned with Applewood smoked bacon and blue cheese.

Indulge in the Enticing Entrées

Entrees like Lamb Chops and Duck Breast make a return this Fall, with additions like Lamb Chops with Baba Ghanoush and Chimichurri and Roasted Eggplant that includes sunflower seeds and Spinah Cream. They all come with a choice of NoJa Potatoes or Fingerling Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts or Chef’s Vegetable.

Save Room for Dessert

As with all NoJa experiences, dessert is an unmissable chapter. While the menu varies, keep an eye out for must have treats like a Coconut Rum Bombe or Ginger Donut.

Relish the Atmosphere

Beyond the food, NoJa's ambiance further elevates the experience. The exposed brick walls and delicate lighting create an atmosphere that combines both comfort and sophistication.For a memorable evening filled with warm hues of autumn and exquisite cuisine, NoJa stands as your go-to dining destination in Mobile, AL. With its ever-changing menu, influenced by the seasons and designed to impress, a night at NoJa is always an experience to treasure. Make your reservation now and immerse yourself in a fall festival of flavors for $65 per person—you won’t be disappointed.


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