What is Sous-Vide Cooking?

You are at home, trying to impress friends and family with a meal that will keep them talking for days. You’ve had it in restaurants before and just know you can recreate it on your own…until you realize you can’t. What is the difference? What is the trick? Although it makes sense that professional chefs […]


Pairing Champagne with Your Dinner

At NoJa, we strive to offer you not just a fine dining experience, but a NoJa experience. Our MediterrAsian menu combined with our wonderful selection of champagne makes for a night you will not forget. Have you ever ordered the perfect plate, but you weren’t sure what champagne paired with your dinner? Let’s take a […]


Romantic Dining in Mobile at NoJa

MediterrAsian dining at NoJa is a fine dining experience you will not easily forget. When you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary, host a birthday dinner, or are trying to think of the perfect experience to show your spouse you love them- definitely keep NoJa in mind! Here are some of […]


What Makes Noja Different

At Noja, we like to do things our way. While it’s not always the easiest road to take, we much prefer quality over quantity and ease. Hard work pays off and, ultimately, that’s what makes us stand out. Here are just a few things that make Noja, Noja. Our Ethos We understand the importance of […]


Not Just Fine Dining: The Noja Experience

Forget what you think you know about fine dining. It’s no longer the stuffy, snobby ordeal of the past. For most fine dining establishments today, it’s all about the experience. From the atmosphere to the process of eating, here at Noja, we pay attention to the small details so that you are not just visiting […]



The calendar has turned, meaning it’s officially the Holiday (read: busy) Season. November brings with it fall festivals, Thanksgiving celebrations, and of course it ushers in Christmas and all the ensuing fanfare. It’s a time of year meant to be spent with family and friends. Since the holidays can also drain your piggy bank, it’s […]


NoJa: Our Humble Beginnings

The great things in life worth having come from perseverance and a dedication to excellence. That is exactly the idea behind the birth of NoJa. The longest running restaurant in the heart of Mobile is a success in part to the trials chef and owner, Chakli Diggs, put into it. Master Chef Diggs’ humble beginning […]